Match Me Perfect Sample Kit


Now discovering your perfect shade of AJ Crimson Dual Skin Foundation just got easier!! For a limited time purchase our newest kit that includes 12 shades of our signature foundation plus Banana Creme Highlighter, Deep Peach Corrector # 102 and #105 corrector ( Perfect for Dark Circle on Deeper complexions or a blush on lighter complexions!! 

Now you have every shade in a generous sampler to find the best color for your everyday foundation, the best highlight or contour colors! Plus you get to try our famous  Deep Peach Corrector(#102) & Banana Creme highlighter! 

Take the guess work out of matching! Don't waste money on shades that don't work for you! fall in love with those that create a flawless complexion then purchase your full sizes AJ CRIMSON DUAL SKIN foundations with confidence !! 



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